Musher Stories: Chuck Weiss!

"Ever since I did a report on Alaska in fourth grade, I wanted a malamute. Around 25 years ago I got started in Mushing with two Akitas. I had a background in mountaineering and back packing so when I got the Akitas I ordered a couple dog packs for them in a catalog (in the days before internet !). Next thing I knew I received a bunch of catalogs in the mail for working dogs. One of these had sled dog harnesses... and I was off and running!

My first team had the two Akitas then I quickly added my fathers Doberman for speed and attitude! They were an odd group but it was fun. With the help from the people at JSSDRA I got my team running in one direction and started racing. I enjoyed racing but wanted more time on the runners. With my mountaineering experience I found a part time job guiding overnight dog sled trips and eventually opened my own company. I got more dogs, including some Inuit sled dogs to add power to pulling the huge loads through the wilderness in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Canada. At one point I had 16 dogs in the kennel.

Time marches on and I now have just six sled dogs, five are over age 11! I no longer guide trips but continue to enjoy my dogs in the outdoors. We are training to do a back country snowshoe trip this winter where we will use three dogs pulling a toboggan behind us as we break trail....Old school style!"

— Chuck Weiss

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Posted on October 28, 2013 .